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For Pets

So many of us keep our pets close to our hearts; in fact, these beloved animals aren't simply pets—they're furry members of our families! The unconditional love helps form a bond that lasts a whole lifetime. Although pets don't sport fingerprints in the way humans do, they do have paw prints and even nose prints that can make for exciting jewelry and other items. Showcase your love for your pet with a jewel or item that lasts forever.

We've designed a special ink kit that allows you or even your vet to make a superb print of your pet's paws or nose. After you mail or email your pet's ink print to us, we are able to scan it at high resolution to produce a high-quality etching that is great for adorning jewelry and more. When you mail in your print, be sure to include your pet's name and our invoice number.

We design our pet print jewelry and merchandise with the same care we make our fingerprint items. In fact, we've created jewels with feather prints, lizard tails, and even snake scales! We do our best to accommodate your needs. We know your pets are dear to you and we strive to produce works that exceed your expectations!

Pet Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

Whether you know a dog lover, cat lover, or even a bird lover, you can create an extraordinary gift item or jewel that they'll treasure. Sending a kid off to college? They're bound to be homesick. Imagine the comfort they'll feel with their pet's paw print close to their heart?! Pet jewels are wonderful reminders of the love we share with out endearing animal friends! You can even create a charm with your own fingerprint for your pet's collar; embed it with a location chip to help protect your family's pet.

You can honor your love for your pet with an heirloom jewel that will forever commemorate your pet. The bonds we have with our pets are unique and meaningful in so many ways. Pets add to our lives with their unforgettable companionship. Now you can highlight their essence in an extraordinary way.

Our staff is delighted to help you create a unique jewelry or keepsake to reflect your faithful pet. You can cherish their image your whole life long. Our pet jewelry allows you to commemorate the life of your pet in a fine jewel of silver or gold—whatever your preference. We also keep your pet's prints on file so you can order other items down the road if you choose.

Because our pets don't get to live as long a life as we do, we find it helps to create items that provide comfort after the loss of a beloved pet. Pet jewelry celebrates the life of a dear pet and gives comfort to the family members who will never forget them. The truth is, we carry the memory of our pets with us throughout life, everywhere we may go. These jewels honor that memory and the love that never fades!

Order Your Pet Jewelry

Call us and we'll help you design the perfect jewel for you or your family members. Whether you are ordering a gift for yourself or others, you'll enjoy being part of the design process. Creating personalized jewelry is fun and we make the process a breeze. Our high-quality jewels are designed to be worn over and over again! We know you'll smile each time you wear these jewels or see items that reflect your pet's print! We can't wait to work with you to create something wonderful!