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For Couples

Fingerprint jewelry is ideal for celebrating romantic love. We can help you create designs that reflect the love couple's have for one another. Wearing each other's fingerprint in a silver or gold jewel is a romantic way to keep a tangible token of love with you at all times. We boast heart pendants and other shapes that you can choose from when you design your jewelry. These jewels are conversation pieces, but they are also reminders of the love you have reflected in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind ring? Our fingerprint rings are show-stoppers! You'll love being able to see and touch the fingerprints of your special someone every time you wear your ring. While stylish at a glance, these personalized rings mean so much more than just style! They are endearing reminders of the person you love best!

Talk to your spouse or partner about creating a unique pair of jewels. You can each customize your jewel to match your individual style; yet you'll feature one another's fingerprints in timeless work of art! Add birthstones or even the gemstone for the month you met! Commemorate a special anniversary with jewelry. We'll engrave the date or the date of your wedding. You can even further personalize your jewelry with the name of your loved one! In fact, we'll engrave it for free!

Your-Touch.com has received such strong praise for our work that we can't help but want to help everyone create a jewel that celebrates lasting love! These customized jewels are so meaningful that so many of our customers never want to take them off! Whether it's a ring, pendant, or charm bracelet, our jewels make gift-giving a personal experience because they reflect that personal essence of love!

Made with fine quality precious metals like silver and gold, our jewels are gifts of fine jewelry; however, they're even better because they feature personalized elements—fingerprints! You can further customize each piece with gems such as diamonds to create a jewel that is truly unlike any other.

If you want to create a unique jewel for your loved one, we can help you throughout the entire process. We work with you to meet your every need. Customizing your fingerprint jewelry is exciting and fun. Create yourself an entire set of fingerprint jewelry—earrings, rings, pendants, and more! It's such a fabulous way to celebrate love and romance!

You can order wedding jewelry at Your-Touch.com too. We work to make each jewel perfect because we know how much these jewels mean to you! These pieces become heirlooms and we treat them as such ourselves. Call us if you have any questions and tell us how we can help you create your memorable jewel!