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Fingerprint Jewelry

Want to keep someone you love close? Fingerprint jewelry is the next best thing to the touch of a loved one! Fingerprint jewelry literally transforms the fingerprint of someone special into a jewel. Our jewelry designers can capture anyone's thumbprint and showcase it in a unique silver or gold piece of jewelry. Each piece, therefore, is a custom work of art that you can order to your specifications. The result is something genuinely singular and meaningful in so many ways.

Treasure the prints of your children, spouse, or a beloved family member in jewel that celebrates the love we harbor for the special people in our lives. As no two fingerprints are alike, no two fingerprint jewels are alike either. These singular jewels represent the people we treasure most. Because each jewel is etched with the actual 'touch' of your loved one, you'll be able to keep that touch close to your heart and feel the ridges of their fingerprint each time you wear the jewel.

Create an Heirloom

Fingerprint jewelry has all the makings of a family heirloom. These jewels can be passed down from one generation to the next. Of course, they are also meant to be enjoyed in the present! Many of our customers enjoy swapping fingerprints so they can wear each others. Husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends—these swaps are precious reminders of each other and delightful keepsakes for all time.

These jewelry pieces also make extraordinary gifts that are unlike any other. Tell someone how special they are with a gift that is truly a one-of-a kind. Because you can customize fingerprint jewelry with gems, you can create a gift that reflects the birth date or taste of someone you love. We also feature other great items that you can customize to create a uniquely artful object for yourself or as a gift.

Custom Jewelry Made to Order

Fingerprint jewelry allows you to tailor your jewel with a personalized engraving to complement the fingerprint design. We offer this engraving free of charge and find that this custom etching allows customers to create a jewel that is truly like no other. In fact, you can even add birthstones or gems such as diamonds to any of our fingerprint jewels. From fingerprints to toe prints to lip prints, we can help you design an intriguing item that is like no other!

Create rings, pendants, charms, and many other jeweled keepsakes that showcase the fingerprints of the cherished people in our lives. Browse our collections to discover the myriad of ways fingerprints adorn jewels. We boast a large selection of fingerprint jewelry designs that we invite you to peruse. Keep in mind that we can tailor each jewel to suit your specifications. We provide templates and creative jewel ideas, but you provide the inspiration and the customizations that make the jewels truly special.

Browse the Collections

Fingerprint Jewelry is here to help you create a jewel that commemorates your love and loved one in a uniquely wonderful jewel. We showcase our jewels in galleries to help you make a great selection.

Our "My Child's Touch" gallery features keepsakes for children, infants, and family members. The "Your Touch" gallery is designed to celebrate the love between spouses and couples. We even offer a "My Pet's Touch" gallery for owners of 'furry children' who want to enjoy a jewel that celebrates their love for pets.

Ordering Your Fingerprint Jewelry

When you order your fingerprint jewelry, we carefully track its creation from the moment we receive each print until the day you receive your special jewel. We digitize each fingerprint and store it in our database making reorders a breeze! As a cornerstone of our privacy policy, confidentiality is of the utmost importance and we do not share our prints with anyone.

*If you prefer us not to store your fingerprint, please tell us and we will not keep it in our database once your order is complete.

Fingerprint Jewelry knows that your ordered jewelry is special and contains incredible sentimental value. We assure you that each order of fingerprint, handprint, footprint, and paw print keepsakes are diligently tracked and handled with professional care and security. We value your business and look forward to creating jewels that reflect love in all its wonderful forms.

As our Fingerprint jewelry is made to order, we welcome your suggestions and invite you to share in the creative process. Your complete satisfaction is our priority. We work tirelessly to create jewels that meet all your requirements. We do our utmost to create a jewel that you will cherish for years.